About SymerSpace

About SymerSpace

Meet Kris Symer

Kris working at the computer. Photo: UW TacomaKris Symer is a visual communication and technology generalist who knows how to get things done for clients. She develops branding and visual identity, manages websites, designs content, publishes maps, coordinates social marketing, analyzes data, develops printed materials, manages email campaigns, and helps you brainstorm new ideas.

Kris has worked in higher education, local government, small business, and for tech startups. Before focusing on her own consulting business, she was on staff for 18 years at the University of Washington Tacoma. Her roles included information technology support, database and systems analysis, web development, and science communications. Her experience at UW Tacoma includes eight years (2011-2019) with the Puget Sound Institute at the Center for Urban Waters.

Kris has volunteer experience in the active transportation community. She is a bicycle commuter, former co-chair of the City of Tacoma’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Technical Advisory Group and a certified bicycle instructor (LCI) with the League of American Bicyclists.

Kris gives back to the local community through nonprofit board service. She serves on the board for the Franklin Pierce Foundation and is Vice Chair of the 2nd Cycle Community Bicycle Shop board.

She holds a B.A. in business administration, a certificate in geographic information systems, and an M.S. in geospatial technologies from the University of Washington Tacoma.

Portfolio and resume

Portfolio (PDF) | Resume (PDF)

Business information

SymerSpace, LLC is licensed in the state of Washington and City of Tacoma. Registered trade names: SymerSpace, Angular Tacoma, I Bike Tacoma.


Kris enjoys capturing the moment in photos. Whether in town or on the trail, it’s not about fancy gear. It’s finding an interesting angle, texture, pattern, or perspective.