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Get your Angular Tacoma designs printed on almost anything. Check out our shop at

Get your shirts, hoodies, mugs, prints, and myriad other clothing and products sporting our original designs: WA pride maps and Angular Tacoma word art. Products are produced on demand in your favorite cut, size and color. Printed, shipped, and guaranteed by

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Washington State pride map designs

We designed these Washington State maps using GIS data stylized with an angled, 8-color rainbow flag featuring your favorite city. Choose from Tacoma, Puyallup, Seattle, Olympia, Bellingham, and Spokane. Or statewide versions like “the pride of Washington” and “Proud mom.” Available in shirts, hoodies

Angular Tacoma word art designs

Do you see it? Original artwork inspired by the peaks of the Cascade mountains and the depths of Puget Sound. Choose from traditional Salish or modern pride designs. This word art expresses gratitude for the rugged beauty of the South Sound and the authenticity of its people. Tacoma locals appreciate the subtle art that spells out TACOMA. If your friends don’t know what it means, they’ll surely ask. Great for gifts. Available now in t-shirts and hoodies.

Notice: SymerSpace and Angular Tacoma are registered trade names in the State of Washington. The artwork featured on these products is copyrighted by Kris Symer (dba SymerSpace and Angular Tacoma) and may be sold under the Angular Tacoma brand. All rights reserved.